Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How much I LOVE my son's new teacher!

A week or so ago my son received his "Welcome to 3rd grade, I'll be your teacher" letter in which the teacher asked him to bring in his parents' email address because "they will be receiving lots of information throughout the year."

I haven't been too worried about my son, on this first day of school - though there was a little reluctance this morning to actually head out the door - but he has been on my mind: I sent his favorite cookies with lunch - pink lemonade cookies made by my friend Jill (www.tastycakesonline.com) - but did he get teased for eating pink cookies, no matter how delicious they are? What if the teacher doesn't "get" him? Is that Obnoxious Kid from first grade in his class this year? What if he gets stuck sitting next to him? What if he forgot where his locker is?

My email account has been open all day and that guy said "You've got mail!" and I recognized the teacher's initials and the school return email address with an re: first day.

Uh oh. Apparently I haven't been worrying enough! What could have gone wrong? Why didn't she call? Is he still searching for his locker? Does she think that Son may do better in another class?

And the email said:

you were rite today was great! love [son]

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