Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Someone needs to talk to my 9-year old son about sex and stuff

A conversation from this morning (during which I happened to be getting dressed but had to act like I wasn't).

Son: You won't believe the nightmare I had last night. I better not tell you.

Me: Why don't you.....

Son: Ok, I'll tell you. I dreamt that I saw a girl's laryngitis and it looked just like a boy's wiener. It was gross.

Me: Wait, what?

Son: I dreamt I saw a girl's laryngitis.

Me: You can't really SEE laryngitis....

Son: Well, you know. I can't exactly think of the word.

Me: Her uvula?

Son: No. I just can't think of the word....

Me: Are you trying to say vagina?

Son: Yeah! I dreamt I saw a girl's vagina and it looked just like....

Me: Yeah, yeah. I get it. You know, you are going to have see a drawing or a picture of a vagina in health class.

Son: I know.

Me: Do you want to see a picture right now?

Son: NO!

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