Thursday, July 22, 2010

Curse You Cindy Crawford and Art Van!

My husband and I went shopping last night for some chairs for our family room and living room. We live with two semi-destructive cats and one of the chairs needing replacement is older than our relationship.

We ended up at Art Van. We've gotten pretty lucky there over the past few years. And, sure enough, we came across a really comfortable brown leather chair and a patterned fabric chair that went along with it. The leather felt great and the chairs were everything we wanted; not too big, no floppy cushions, veeeery comfortable, go with our decor. We looked at everything else in the store because we didn't want to marry the first chairs we met but ended up back at the original chairs ready to pull out the credit card and then I looked at the tag.

They are Cindy Crawford chairs.

I'm mortified.

I don't buy into celebrities "designing" clothes or furniture or whatever, or slapping their name on something so it will sell better. It bugs me. I don't want to wear Jessica Simpson shoes or Daisy Fuentes jeans (though I WILL wear a Betty White hoody because IT'S BETTY WHITE!). Plus, when my husband and I started dating he had a Cindy Crawford calendar hanging in his room and I remember saying to him "If you expect me to sit in here and eat jelly beans with you then the calendar must come down." Yet here's Cindy, back in our life. Supporting my husband's tush while he reads. I don't think I like it.

But, damn her, the chairs are SO comfortable. I put up a fight for a while but in the end we bought the chairs and they are being delivered next week. So, come on over and sit on my Cindy Crawford chairs. Tell me how comfortable and pretty they are. I'll still be embarrassed.

PS - If you find yourself in need of Supermodel Furniture head to Art Van in Royal Oak and ask for Ray. I liked him so much I plan to see him for all my Supermodel Furniture needs : )

PPS - Yes, kids. When my husband and I were dating and were alone in his room we ate jellybeans. That is all we did. That is all anyone should do. Until they're married.

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jelly beans.