Monday, January 26, 2015

Movies at the Theater (What's in the spray bottle?)

I know it's not original to complain about behavior in movie theaters.  Between people talking like they're in their living rooms and constantly checking their phones I spend most of my time in the theater biting my tongue so I don't yell at people.  And it's a bummer because I LOVE seeing movies and going to the theater.  I love eating popcorn and M&Ms for dinner.

But last night, well last night I observed something I had never seen (or heard) before.  I knew the couple behind us were going to be trouble during the previews.  Their volume level was set at "talking from different rooms of the house."  And they continued to chat with each other throughout the movie.  At full volume. Then I heard a strange "whoosh whoosh" sound.  I heard it again.  And again.  I finally turned around and the woman was squirting something from a plastic spray bottle into her mouth.  The bottle looked like one you get at the hardware store for your 2/1 ratio of white vinegar to water.  Though I doubt that's what was in her bottle.  My guess: vodka.  That way when the usher tries to confiscate it she can say "I wasn't DRINKING vodka!" and technically she would be right.