Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas Has Made Me Very Happy For The Second Time in 2011

I told you about our trip to Las Vegas and how judgmental I was and how I should be more ashamed that I let my husband talk me into taking the kids because now it's my 10 year old son's favorite vacation destination and that is just wrong, though I may have neglected to mention how very much I enjoyed the Planet Hollywood Hotel (A. It is attached to the mall B. Great Mexican restaurant C. AWESOME spa) but, sometimes, it's the little things. Like the Planet Hollywood pen with rhinestones that I brought home from our room then started using at work because it's just a great pen (A. Comfortable B. Writes well C. RHINESTONES!) and I was bummed when it ran out of ink a few days later so I sent the lovely people at Planet Hollywood an email about how very much I loved the pen and GUESS WHAT I got in the mail today?

A whole stash of them! (The bunny sticker is courtesy of Bobby Mitchell).

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