Friday, May 13, 2011

Pleased And Irked in the Very Same Place

I had to pick up several gifts this evening so I stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Somerset (because who doesn't like a large, decadent, chocolate-and-stuff covered apple?). I also asked for some chocolate-covered orange peel and when the delightful young gentleman reached to get them there were only about five pieces left so he asked the other young gentleman (Note: Rocky Mountain has hired some cute young men to work on Friday night which shall be called Cougar night from now on - that's just bad, isn't it?) if there were any more and I said "Those are fine. That way no one (meaning me) can get out of control." and not only did he laugh at my little joke but said "I'm not going to charge you for these then." (further cementing Friday nights at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory as Cougar night - oh COME ON!) and I said something old-ladyish like "Aren't you a dear? Thanks!" (further cementing the fact that I will never be able to pull off the Cougar thing).

THEN I went to Customer Service for Somerset and asked for a gift card and they charged me a $2 fee.


Basically, when I'm buying a gift card I'm telling the recipient that they MUST shop at Somerset. I'm CHOOSING to send people to Somerset to shop. And I get charged for this? And yes, I realize that if I'm getting a gift card at Somerset I can probably afford the $2 but that is not the point. Somerset, you are lucky that tonight I was A) in a hurry and B) awake since 3:20 a.m. and didn't feel like driving to 12 Oaks or Home Depot or ANY other store that has gift cards and please note, Somerset, that I will NEVER buy gift cards from you again as long as you are charging for them.

Tsk. Tsk.

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