Monday, May 2, 2011

I Am NOT Complaining About Work I Am Complaining About All The Stupid Stuff I Used To Do When I Wasn't Working Full-Time

Now that I am working full-time again I am really busy and important. OK, I'm really busy. OK, I have less time to read amusing, well-written blogs and watch Reality TV. Like right now I am being forced to choose between reading ALL the Royal Wedding coverage on Go Fug Yourself or watching the DVRd episode (SPOILER ALERT: (for me, too, so don't get antsy) that President Obama ruined the ending of by announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden) (OK, I didn't realize that was TWO Spoiler Alerts in case you've been living in a cave and didn't know Bin Laden was dead. Get it?) of Celebrity Apprentice.

AND I still haven't worked out today.

But Daughter got to skating and Son is at baseball and everyone had dinner and lunches are made for tomorrow so I'm calling it a wash. And I don't want to say that I wasted time when I wasn't working. It didn't feel wasted. Everything I read/followed/obsessed over kept me up-to-date and entertained which, I'm sure, helped me land this job in the first place. or, at least, kept me up-to-date and entertained. But I could really use about 2.3 more hours in the day.

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