Thursday, April 7, 2011

Las Vegas

I am a Judger. Especially of other parents. So I suppose it was inevitable that I eventually give in to my husband and agree to let the children join us on a trip to Las Vegas. We took them indoor skydiving (the unathletic Boy being the best indoor skydiver, go figure), sat in the Poncho Section (2nd row) at Blue Man Group, and accidentally (because you can't help it once you're there) exposed them to every tacky and sleazy thing Las Vegas has to offer. Sigh. But because I am a Judger I can't resist adding AT LEAST THEY WEREN'T IN STROLLERS because, really, a stroller in Las Vegas? That's just annoying to me AND your toddler. I'm trying to pick out the funniest thing I overheard/experienced/saw while we were there. I'm torn between: A) The guy who started chatting us up in the elevator and asked what floor we were staying on then replied, "22. You're practically in the sky." B) The guy we saw walking out of the Luxor talking on his cellphone and saying "I just got kicked out of the Luxor.....for life!" And, because I judge myself as harshly as I judge others: C) "Beau, stop staring at giant girl on the giant stripper pole." "I was looking at the hats. I didn't even see the giant girl on the giant stripper pole until you pointed it out." Sigh. Again.

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