Friday, April 15, 2011

Driver's Ed

Let me be clear, I am a BIG FAN of all the new rules, instruction, and restrictions on teens driving. I don't really want to be on the road with crazy kid drivers. I don't want to be in the car with them either. Which brings me to this week.

My daughter gave me the brochure to sign her up for Segment II of Driving School. She took Segment I last summer and needed 30 hours of driving with a parent to be eligible to take Segment II. I don't have a problem with this; practice makes perfect. And I don't recall driving with my parents much when I had my Permit. I only remember my dad occasionally letting me drive the family the 1 1/2 miles home from church with a big grin on his face like I was a monkey who learned how to type. Then I got my license and was set loose on the unsuspecting drivers of the Flint area.

Anyway, the description for Segment II says it is 6 hours of lecture based on defensive driving. SO, my husband and I have just spent 30 hours in the car with our daughter WHO HAS NO DEFENSIVE DRIVING SKILLS!

I had already suspected this. She's somewhat cautious, but not in a watching-out-for-other-drivers kind of way. More like I-hope-I-remember-how-to-do-this. I'm suspicious that the Driving School people are joining up with the population control folks. And I'm very glad that I made my husband do most of the Permit passengering. He has more life insurance.

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