Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shut the Clay up

Whose turn is it to pay attention to Clay Aiken? Because you are NOT doing your job and he's resorted to blogging all sorts of contradictory statements that the "media" is "reporting" because any real news - like GM declaring BANKRUPTCY - is apparently not as important as a former freaky reality-show-contestant's opinions on a current freaky reality-show-contestant (BTW, Adam, I know your freakiness is totally contrived and I'd love to have a beer with you sometime. Do you drink beer? Probably not. I make a great pomegranate margarita, how does that sound? If I gave you enough of them could I get you to play Rock Band with me?)

Anyway, in his latest missive Aiken "apologizes" for his comment that Lambert's rendition of Ring of Fire made his ears bleed ("I just happened to be piercing them, again, while I was watching Idol") but now says that the show is "different" and that when HE was on folks made it because they were "real people."

(Excuse me. Cannot. Stop. Giggling.)

Oh, Clay, you've got your GLAAD endorsement and your baby, can't you just leave Adam alone? We like Adam! He made us long to see Queen live again! What did you ever make us long for, except a hay ride and a diction coach?

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