Monday, May 25, 2009

2 lbs of potato chips

Last week I visited Costco to prepare for a family joining us for an after-baseball cookout on Friday evening and I came across these

and bought them in the 2-lb size.

Now, normally I am a local chip-type gal (Better Made, my heart belongs to you) but these chips are like the hot guy who is visiting your college campus for a weekend and you know you will most likely never see him again so you give in to temptation and totally overindulge and even though a small part of you thinks he is SO delicious that you're kind of hoping you run into him again you know he is NO GOOD for you and he totally makes you ignore all your friends AND your homework and that any kind of relationship will end badly and while it was fun while it lasted you're also a little glad it's over.

In other words: it's Monday and the bag is nearly empty.

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Only the Half of It said...

Oh my dear, you mean you just discovered these? Have you ever had Miss Vicky's brand? Or Kruncher's (not sure they still make those). I assume it's the extra crunch you like. (Better Made never did it for me.)
Happy Memorial Day! :-)