Thursday, August 12, 2010

Texting While Working

Did City of Detroit employees learn NOTHING from Kwame Kilpatrick?

Apparently Interim Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee had a relationship with ousted Chief Warren Evans' girlfriend (I know, you practically need a program to keep all the players straight) and Evans' attorney turned over text messages from Godbee to Girlfriend in an effort to help Evans get his job back. These text messages were supposedly from last fall (and also - from what I can gather - on Godbee's personal cell phone so Girlfriend must have turned them over which leads to a whole OTHER set of questions like "Why did she save them?" and "Why was she dating two different superiors?" and leads me to wonder if she's actually the smartest or dumbest person in this whole situation) which was WELL after the Kwame-texting debacle and wouldn't you think that a smart guy would say to himself "You know, maybe I shouldn't be texting his kind of mush to a co-worker, no matter how much I like her."

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Chris Ropeta said...

Perhaps it has something to do with our insatiable need to evade moments of peace, serenity, and to not allow ourselves to enjoy those quiet unplugged moments that remind us that we are ok for the next few minutes without texting as a distraction.

As private as we want to be, texting is a way to safely express your thoughts and desires while taking the risk of being caught at exposing our thoughts and desires… which can also be exciting...

Now we just need to understand that there are no secrets in our connected society today.