Thursday, February 25, 2016

IT Advice: Borrow A Neighbor's Computer - A Rant

This morning I have IT Neck. That's a sore neck from holding the phone between your ear and shoulder while you're on with one or more "support" people who are "trying" to help you get your technology working like you're paying for it to be working.

First up: AT&T. We have UVerse. And wifi. I think it's funny that when I pull up wireless networks in my house I get a HUGE list - apparently all of my neighbors have super strong wifi (which are password protected) but my wifi barely reaches the entire first floor. (And it's not like I have a huge house). Try to get some work done in the living room and you're out of luck. If you're on the second floor, forget it. So AT&T, instead of saying "Hey, our bad. Let's fix that/make it stronger/whatever." said "Yeah, you probably want to get a wifi extender."

Just what I want to do; spend more money.

But I did. Because we needed it. And the extender worked (mostly just ok, not great) for about a year but then I had to unplug it when we had work done on the alarm last week and now it won't re-hook back up to the wifi.

TP-Link, you are up to bat. The first Technical Support person I talked to couldn't help me so she emailed me some instructions. Which I followed. They didn't work. The second Technical Support person I spoke with took more time to try and resolve the problem but then (apparently) decided that the problem was my Mac laptop (which is not true - I had hooked up the extender with it when I bought it last year) and told me to try a different device. You can't use a PC that is physically connected to the internet, so all I have is the Mac laptop to which he said "Well, maybe you can borrow a computer from a neighbor."

Seriously. THAT is technical support?

I hate giving my money to companies who don't try to fix problems but just shrug their shoulders and say "I guess it doesn't work." It's YOUR job to make it work. I'm PAYING you for something that works.

So, who is happy with their internet and wifi providers? I'm in the market.

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