Thursday, March 17, 2011

Perhaps I Shouldn't Eat Potato Chips and Mini Eggs For Dinner (Or Watch Celebrity Apprentice)

Last night I had the freakiest dream; I was in labor and Dionne Warwick was my OB-GYN and not only was she mean, but in my dream she was a little bit drunk too and I really didn't want her to deliver my baby (BTW I am NOT pregnant) and my labor wouldn't progress so I got up to walk around and I ended up in a bar/bowling alley owned by Brian Elias, the Hansons guy, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were working the bar and trying to get me to drink a beer with them and I said "I can't have a beer, I'm in labor!" but I really wanted the beer because I knew I would need all the courage I could find to face Dionne Warwick again and luckily (?) I had to get up for work before I had the dream baby but I woke up exhausted and a little bit terrified that a drunk Dionne Warwick with a stethoscope was going to show up and give me an epidural.

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