Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stop Taunting Me With The Temperature!

My husband is leaving for his annual golf trip in a few days and THIS is what I've been hearing at least twice a day for the last week:

"Don't worry! I just checked and the temperature in Phoenix is 85 degrees! Not a cloud in the sky!"

That's lovely, dear, and I hope that the large, spiky, metal object filled with over four ounces of unidentifiable fluid that I plan to hide in your suitcase doesn't keep you from missing your flight.

Love you!!

I also just happened to glance at the top row of my Internet Explorer which I never look at because, generally, when I open Internet Explorer it is NOT to explore but to go exactly where I want to go and for some reason, perhaps it is in cahoots with my husband, Internet Explorer is informing me that it is currently 79 degrees in Richardson, Texas and if I hear one more warm and sunny weather report for a city that I don't get to visit I am GOING TO SNAP!

Consider yourselves warned.


evawebdiva said...

Hi Stacey....there's something good about commenting on a blog that has no comments. I find it comforting. I'm sure all your readers are just busy or on vacation and the next time I log in to read it you'll have a gazzillion comments; that's my luck. I say this because I find comfort in knowing that someone is in the same boat as me; someone knows the loneliness of having "no comments." But like I said, surely this is just a fluke for you.

I like your blog; like the free flowing read of it. I'll be back I am sure. Oh, btw...where are you? (I'm not looking for your exact address, just the city is all) Besides not in Richardson TX or Phoenix? Hope it warms up!


Stacey said...

Hi Eva -

Thanks for keeping my blog company!

I'm in metro Detroit where it feels like it will NEVER get warm!