Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Plan To Become The Most Hated Cub Scout Mom (If I'm Not Already)

After dinner last night I told my son to put his dishes in the dishwasher and he said "I was going to go get some cake." We still have leftover cake from my daughter's birthday in the fridge and I thought he would bring back the entire plate of cake, but no, he walked in carrying a fist full of cake which he then proceeded to shove in his mouth.

Now, I recently learned that my good friend Wendy, of Style Coach Studio, has become a Certified Etiquette Instructor so I announced at the table that I would be enlisting her services for a Cub Scout meeting in the fall because, really, most of those 10-year old boys could use someone telling them how to be a little more polite.

Or maybe it's just my kid. Maybe I'm the only mother with a kid shoving cake in his mouth. Perhaps not only the Cub Scouts will hate me, but their mothers as well.

Is there some kind of badge available for politeness? There should be.

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Lilah Belle said...

This is one of the very best ideas I have encountered lately. Little boys do indeed need to acquire manners, and I absolutely COMMEND you for risking hatred among the Cub Scout mothers. You are bettering the future world, or at least, the lives of these boys when they are on their first dates and are able to IMPRESS the girls they are with. Brava!

--Lilah Belle