Saturday, February 4, 2012

Still Laughing

You know how sometimes you have the perfect comeback or the perfect line at the perfect moment and maybe it only makes sense in that place and time but in that place and time it is BRILLIANT (or so it seems to you)?

I'm still cracking up over one of those moments from this week. I'll probably come back to this in a few weeks and read it and think "That's not funny; that's just stupid." But I don't care. Today I still think I was HILARIOUS. And I don't often think I'm hilarious in all caps.

We were talking about the cemetery that Donald Trump plans to build next to his high-end golf course and Bobby Mitchell wondered aloud if The Donald would be buried there and if his hair would be buried next to him.

My line: "His hair isn't going to be buried. It's going to be frozen in case they find a cure for it in the future."

Sorry. Still cracking myself up.


Victorya Kaon said...

Congratulations, we have a winner.
You made me laugh for around 2 minutes, ah but seriously that was a good one.
I have so many days like that, the only sad thing is when I'm asked what I'm laughing about.

Stacey said...

Thanks Victorya! Have a great day!