Friday, May 4, 2012

Books on Tape

God bless the two of you who still get alerts when I update this blog; you have shown tremendous tenacity and you shall be rewarded someday.  Probably in heaven.  I have no way of knowing who you are so I can reward you myself, but apparently you are doing something right because I haven't been here since February and yet there are teens of people checking out this blog on a daily basis.

I'm training for the Detroit Half Marathon in October and, yes, I realize that's still five months away but you wouldn't believe what a tremendous time suck running four (really three) days a week is.  Especially when you're trying to fit in napping.  And I've been writing some fiction.  OK, only since the beginning of April and I only have two pages but I AM working on it and between that and the running and the college visits (for my daughter) and worrying about prom (again my daughter) then worrying about the prom dress (the daughter again) and the orthodontia (son this time) and work (that would be me) I have barely any wine, I mean time, and creativity left.

That's it for my excuses.  The running was going really well until I broke my toe.  About two weeks ago I had a particularly exhaustive day with a surprise funeral thrown in and when I got home I should have tried to get some sleep but instead I thought 'I CAN fit in a run today!" even though it was super-windy out, and when I was making a turn onto a sidewalk my pinky toe got caught - or caught itself - on the sidewalk (I wear Vibram Five Fingers when I run and now I'm wondering why they're called that because your toes aren't fingers) and that baby toe CLUNG to the sidewalk as if it were trying to make a break for it and head back to the house on it's own and I knew right away that I'd done some kind of damage but I ran another mile and half anyway because my app said I was supposed to run 30 minutes that day and by the end of the night at the Capuchin event at my son's school my toe was large and painful and purple and thank goodness for the cold front that made me not look like an idiot when I wore my Uggs, the only shoes that would fit, into work the next day.  I was pretty sure the toe was broken so I buddy-taped it to the next toe, but the swelling subsided after about 4 days though it's still a little sore after I run on it, and I'm signed up for two 5ks this weekend so Sunday could end up being spent in a wine haze.  As if that weren't enough, I've been listening to Book of Spies while I run and I was about 75% through it when it just QUIT (thankfully near the end of my run) on Tuesday.  For some reason, the last 1/4 of the book didn't download from the library and I had to get on a wait list for it (even though I seriously considered spending $21.95 to download it from the iTunes store because I have invested a lot of miles into that book) and last night's run was not so great because I started listening to some John Grisham book and he's totally forgotten how to write characters and is just writing cases now and it's so. very. dry.  But I opened my email today and Book of Spies is available for checkout so I downloaded it and I have a feeling I'm going to ROCK those 5ks and that's what I've been doing and now you're probably wishing I'd just left it alone, aren't you?

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