Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Admit I'm Not An Artist

I felt the need to do something creative yesterday after decorating the house for Halloween so I found a blank canvas and painted a picture of a witch. I've never been incredibly artistic but I figured that something colorful and kitschy wouldn't be too embarrassing but apparently I was wrong because this morning my husband said "Nice of your niece to paint us a picture." My niece is 9 and is probably a better artist than I am and I never claimed to be talented but, really, that was a little hurtful and now I'm thinking of painting all kinds of bad Halloween pictures and filling up the house with them and then maybe I'll move on Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then I'm sure I can come up with all kinds of misshapen hearts for Valentine's Day and maybe that will teach him not to make fun of my bad art.

Or maybe it will just teach me to stop trying to paint.

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