Sunday, October 3, 2010

Selling Our House Is Going To Leave Us Broke

That title doesn't even make sense, does it? That's how exhausted I am from cleaning and hiding crap and yelling at everyone to Clean up the cat food! and Close the toilet lids! And yes, we've already been through the "THAT's going to sell the house" arguments. Still. It's only polite to close the toilet lid. And make sure the cat food is cleaned up and there's no food just lying in the sink which tends to happen a lot in this house because apparently I am the ONLY person who knows how to rinse things down the sink and use the disposal.

I've lost track of how many showings we've had already. I do know that we've been forced to eat out three times now and I'm wondering if we're going to go broke from eating in restaurants before we even get this house sold. Not that restaurants don't need and deserve our business, but we're usually not an Eating Out Every Night type of family and, besides the cost, today I ate half a Margarita Pizza and a slice of apple pie (OK, and a glass of wine) and, sure, we might sell this house but not before I put on 20 lbs.

I've also bought two Mega Millions tickets because the ONE house I've found that I would be happy moving into is out of our reach financially and I foolishly thought that Fate wanted us to have the house and would, therefore, provide the means to pay for it via some sort of Lottery windfall but now I'm wondering if it's just Kate and not Fate that wants us to have that house and while Kate wants us to have it Kate doesn't really have the means to make sure it happens; she's just a really nice girl who wants everyone to get everything they want and to be happy. Thanks Kate. Now I'm sure to be disappointed. You have failed.

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