Friday, October 15, 2010

It's D-Day (D is for Dance)

I know I've been writing a lot about dancing lately because, yes, it has taken over my life and the competition is tonight and I don't know if I'm supposed to show up wearing my dress or get ready there and whether or not the heel cover on my niece's dance shoe that I danced right off will hold tonight after I had to E600 that sucker back on and I hope it doesn't go flying off and hit someone in the eye or something though I guess I'll know after my last practice today that I wasn't going to have but when we showed up for our couple's dance lesson on Wednesday night my husband asked Tino (my partner) if I was ready and Tino said "No!" and Husband was all "She's not scheduled to practice on Friday! She needs to practice on Friday or she's going to forget everything!" and I said "Fine!" and gave Tino a dirty look for throwing me under the bus and scheduled one last practice for today, but Husband is right, I probably would have forgotten the whole routine by tonight so it's probably a good thing but my back is killing me (thought that's probably because I decided to try running again the other day which might not have been the best idea since I am out of pain pills and refuse to schedule an appointment to see my doctor because his office is right in the middle of all the construction on Telegraph and I'll have to add another 45 minutes just to get in and out of the parking lot) and are you exhausted yet? WELCOME TO MY WORLD!

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