Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's November 14

And I haven't posted a thing since November 1 which I'm really disgusted with especially since THINGS have happened like A) I started an adult skating class and fell the first day and bruised my knee and B) discovered Vibrams and started running again and now my calves are killing me but my lower back ISN'T and C) my daughter finally finished the high school musical which is not THE High School Musical but took nearly as much time to put on (I exaggerate) and D) made my son go running with me and MY GOD THE WHINING and E) foolishly bought a bag of Mint M&M's because they only come out for Christmas and I realize that there are MANY weeks until Christmas but I couldn't resist because, come ON it's M&M's and MINT and, really, I'm SO glad for the running and the skating and the dancing (oh, did I mention that the dancing started up again for another competition on Dec. 3 and I got the video from the last competition and it certainly FELT like I was spinning a LOT faster than that?) because I CAN'T STOP eating those damn mint M&M's and I'm just HOPING that I don't run across the Christmas Cadbury Mini Eggs that my sister and pregnant niece insist exist (really, like Santa Claus?) because as soon as Christmas is done they fill the stores with the Easter Mini Eggs and that means I won't be able to shop until May.

So. Hey. How are you?

(Ok, while I'm here, I am NOT HAPPY with the Mint M&M package that says "What's Inside? 210 Calories" then "(per serving)" in the smallest possible font. That is one big tease, M&M's, and yes, I almost fell for it but I am not happy AT ALL about the subterfuge. NOT AT ALL!)

(And I forgot to mention that my daughter SAT ON HER CAT and bruised it's tail which led to her sobbing every time the cat meowed and the cat meowing whenever someone touched it's butt/tail and HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE SAT ON YOUR CAT?)

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