Monday, December 20, 2010

Got A Camera You Need Bumped Off?

My daughter has yet to meet a camera she can't break. I seem to recall her dropping the first one she owned and when I finally acquiesced and bought her a new one it refused to work as well, shoving a totally black screen in her face 75% of the times she turned it on even after we sent it in and had it repaired. On Sunday she got her Christmas present early - an iPhone (don't ask, it certainly wasn't my idea) - and by this morning the camera on the phone was refusing to open.


I think I need to google How To Remove A Voodoo Hex Involving Girls And Cameras and get this settled once and for all. Unless one of you know knows how to remove a voodoo hex involving girls and cameras. If you do, I'd appreciate step-by-step directions. You can email me.

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