Friday, December 17, 2010

Sorry To Be Meta But This Is About My Love/Hate Relationship With Bloggers and Blogging

As a writer, I love the idea of blogs. As a reader, there are just a few blogs I have bookmarked and read daily (I can count my regulars on one hand) because there are few non-professional writers (and probably not that many professionals, really) who can be entertaining and interesting on a daily basis. I have tried, myself, and failed. However, if you're still here, thanks.

A blogger I love to read recently offered up gift cards to the first 20 needy people and it snowballed and turned into this huge people-helping-people EVENT and I'm sure she did not budget the time for it and is wondering what the hell she got herself into but if you want to read some great writing and some inspiring stories check out her site. It's the true meaning of Christmas (at least according to semi-atheist me).

Happy Holidays!!

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