Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things Overheard At The Nail Salon

"He has asthma, or something. It's like Autism."

This was from the woman who loosely described the plot of 5 independent films, 3 made-for-Lifetime movies, and 4 books to her poor, unsuspecting manicurist who may or may not speak English. Or who may have been pretending not to understand English so he wouldn't have to comment. She totally butchered the plot of The Hunger Games ("After the world ends, people all divide up into tribes and then the kids all meet once a year to fight"), and obviously has no clue about what constitutes asthma OR autism, so I'm guessing that most of the details she gave were incorrect/embellished/just plain wrong.

But she was entertaining. And she was something to listen to in an otherwise quiet salon. The owner argued with his client about the price of her manicure and pedicure off and on the whole time he was working on her, and the very nice woman who gave me a manicure spoke such poor English that I'm still not sure whether her husband was put away or whether he passed away and hope that I conveyed the correct amount of sympathy.

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