Saturday, December 27, 2008


I’m old enough to remember when Meijer’s slogan was “You’re always next in line at Meijer.” My sister told me a hysterical story of shopping there with a friend from college who got a little frustrated waiting in line and started shouting “YOU’RE NEXT IN LINE AT MEIJER!” at the top of his lungs.

He would not survive there today.

Apparently Meijer’s new slogan is “Spend as much time in line as you do shopping” because that is exactly what happened to my daughter and I today. In fact, we may have spent LESS time shopping than we did in line and I’ll even include the wait at the apathetically staffed photo department with the shopping. The woman ahead of us in line was quite peeved at the situation; I heard her say just that into her cell phone about 20 times while we waited, but when it was her turn to check out after spending 25 minutes in line did she have her money or charge card ready? No! She had to go digging through her purse to find it. Preparation, people. Heard of it?

And next time we go I am making my daughter videotape me shopping to see if I, too, turn into a lethargic zombie (as compared to the zombies who energetically pursue the living) the minute I walk through the door like everyone else who shops there. Seriously, you won’t find a more lifeless, slow-moving crowd anywhere. No one is happy to be there. Not even the employees. Though our cashier did rouse herself enough to ask me if I knew that I could get a second bag of oranges free with the one I bought.

I’d like to think it’s the economy, but this store has been this way since 6 months after it opened. I was a frequent customer those first few months but since the zombies have moved in have been going there less and less. It’s too bad; I really enjoy a store where I can buy groceries, a lamp, and a new outfit all under one roof.

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Martha said...

Funny we were in that line yesterday. I am surprised with the time overlapse we did not run into you. I also love how they have 50 lanes & only 10 of them open.