Monday, December 1, 2008

Wal-Mart tragedy - my $.02

By now we've all heard of the tragedy at the NY Wal-Mart store where a maintenance worker was trampled to death by a discount-hungry crowd. Many of the articles I've read keep trying to point out that the store didn't have enough security - but when - and WHY? - did that become so necessary? Are people so desperate to save $100 on a flat screen TV that they are willing to become accomplices to murder? And - if you really need to get up so early and fight your way through a frenzied crowd to save $100 - PERHAPS YOU SHOULDN'T BE BUYING THAT FLAT SCREEN TV IN THE FIRST PLACE! Perhaps your money should be going towards more important things like rent, and winter boots.

What I found extra-disturbing was the fact that when they tried to close the store shoppers were pissed that they had to leave! "I'm so sorry someone died, but I've had my eye on this laptop for weeks." just doesn't cut it people.

And when they finally did get the store closed, people lined up outside waiting for it to reopen and were upset that it took so long.

Sorry, Wal-Mart, but if this is the kind of shopper you attract, you won't find me and my money in your store any time soon.


Only the Half of It said...

I am not sure it's the crowd at Wal-Mart per se. But that's possible. I do think we as a culture have become desensitized to suffering on some level. We hear about it all the time, in the news, etc. It's sad. It's also just one more reason that I hate big crowds. People almost regress into mob mentality.

Music with Melinda said...

A little late in chiming in on this one, but being at the mall the day after Christmas in the huge mega town of Traverse City, reminded me once again of why I enjoy shopping on QVC, HSN, Ebay and any other online method. not only can I find the good deals, I can do it from a horizontal position, while watching scrubs or some home improvement show and play with the dogs all at the same time - which totally satisfies my need to multi-task!! Crowds stink - it must be why I am mostly happy in the little village of Bear Lake. this was more than .02cents worth - maybe a dime!