Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Things I take for granted

I am a prolific (and loud) whiner so I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone left in the state of Michigan who doesn’t know that we were without power from early Sunday morning through last night. So, as we enter a new year, these are the things I hope NOT to take for granted anymore…

My Husband – When the rest of us got up on Sunday morning he already had both fireplaces blazing and candles lit. Then he ran out for bagels and coffee. When we all got bored in the afternoon he planned a trip to Great Lakes Crossing to accommodate everyone’s whims and then booked us into a hotel when the temperature in our house plummeted. He was also not too proud to accept help. Which leads me to….

My Friends – First and foremost, Jill and Don – who not only loaned us their generator, but delivered it (from Rochester) and set it up so the house would be warm and the fridge (and ok, I’ll admit it, the TV) could run. When the power came back on Don rushed through his dinner to come down and reset everything back to normal and Jill sent her fabulous homemade cookies with him! Could anyone ask for better friends?!? We sooooo don’t deserve them, but will do our best to pay them back. Then Sue and Joe took my son for the day yesterday. We had planned to invite their son over (my son’s best friend) and when I called and explained the situation they immediately insisted my son join them for a day at the DIA. We had many offers for a place to sleep (and I had a few offers for a much-needed glass of wine) – thanks everyone!

Electricity – Sure, we pay for it so we should expect it to be here, but what a pain when Mother Nature interferes with what man has created.

Means – We are fortunate enough to be able to go to a hotel when it gets too cold and to restock the fridge. Three days with no power was definitely an inconvenience, but it was not a tragedy like it would be for some people.

And I’m going to TRY and keep all of this in mind as I do three days worth of laundry and cleaning and get my house back in order.

Happy New Year!

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Only the Half of It said...

Note to self for 2009: Ingratiate self to Jill and Don.
Happy New Year.