Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your bra is not a belt

Another troubling morning at the gym. I was on the treadmill and a woman got on an elliptical machine in front of me and she was wearing a white shirt that was VERY tight and pretty see-through so I could see that her bra strap was actually closer to her waist than her bust line and I thought to myself “How did she get her bra so low?” and then I realized that she was wearing one of those shirts with the bra built into it. But still. The bra strap was nowhere near her bust line; it was practically a belt. And for the rest of my time on the treadmill I couldn’t even get mad at Fox News (which I was forced to listen to because it was the only TV station that my CD player radio would pick up) because I couldn’t stop thinking about what the front of her must look like and if there was an excuse for me to get in front of her and turn around and see if the front of her bra was just as low as the back. But I couldn’t think of one. So now it’s 4 hours later and I can’t stop thinking about it. Next time something like this happens I’m just going to go stare openly at whatever/whomever it is because I know I’ll just spend the day obsessing and/or imagining all sorts of odd things and I’ve gotten no work done today because every time I try to think a picture of that bra-strap-belt pops into my head.

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Only the Half of It said...

Maybe it's a good thing you didn't see.