Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kara Kara Kara

I did not want to like her.

I refused to read any of the articles about her this summer when American Idol tried to force interest in the show months before the new season even aired by "leaking" information about the new judge.

I sat down to watch the first episode wearing my "Hasn't Paula been through enough?" t-shirt.

And yet.....

I kind of like how she's taken over.

I kind of like how she keeps dissing bikini girl.

I kind of like how she doesn't want wait for Simon to answer before she has an opinion.

And, I don't know if she's responsible, but I like the reduction of "Dawg" from Randy.

And did I mention that I like her attitude towards bikini girl?

Kara DioGuardi, I humbly apologize. Long may you wave.

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