Monday, January 26, 2009

I am totally addicted to the Fug Girls, authors of When they blogged live for the Golden Globes red carpet I was totally online and watching the show and they were RIGHT ON.

Anyway, I thought today's post was funny - as usual - and incredibly unique - which just makes me wonder what they eat all day...I'm imagining a combination of Cheetos, Tab, and Twizzlers with a few Godiva chocolates thrown in because they got them free in some swag... - and then they posted the old Mickey Rourke photo.

I didn't even know that I loved Mickey Rourke. But apparently I did because the minute I saw his photo I was like "Oh! Old Boyfriend! I can't remember why we broke up and I seriously regret it now. Please forgive me!"

These women/girls/chicks/trannies are hysterical.

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Only the Half of It said...

Yeah, I used to like Mickey, too. He was kinda dirty and bad boyish. Great charm.