Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your call is VERY important to us

Twice in the last month I have called 911 from the freeway to report an accident that happened right in front of me. Both times I was put on hold. ON HOLD!

How do they know I'm not being chased by an axe-wielding-mask-wearing stranger and don't have time to be put on hold?

About the accidents: The first was in December on I-75. I was on a school bus coming back from the Science Center with 55 second graders, 3 worn-out parent chaperones, and 3 teachers who looked like they were smart enough to pack Valium in their lunch. We saw a multi-vehicle crash happen right in front of us. Our fabulous driver slowed and swerved, and I immediately whipped out my phone and dialed 911 and when the operator came on 3 minutes later I gave her the exact location of the problem (you can take the girl out of the traffic reporter job.....). The operator said "Yes, we've already gotten calls on that accident." and I wanted to say "Perhaps that's because I've been ON HOLD!" The second was tonight on the way home from skating. I had to avoid 275 and 696 because of multi-vehicle-lane-closing crashes and was driving up Telegraph. Some guy swerved like he was trying to make it into one of those turnarounds and ended up knocking over the sign, bouncing back into the road, then ended up halfway up an embankment. I wished I'd had a video camera running; that would have been an easy $10,000.

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