Monday, January 12, 2009

Treadmill etiquette

At my gym there are two longs lines of treadmills which were relatively open this morning. Odd, considering it’s only January 12 – don’t those gym resolutions usually start to peter out in February?

So, I’m walking and walking, with not a lot of company (not that I want any – I wear the mp3 player for a reason and will even leave it on when the battery dies, bobbing my head like I’m enjoying some tunes, to avoid conversation), when this guy gets on the treadmill right next to me! The whole rest of the row in that direction was empty – about 8 machines - and yet he chose to do his treadmilling about 14 inches away. Isn’t there an unwritten rule about applying movie theater seating to gym equipment? You know, if the theater isn’t crowded (and, actually, this rule is employed in theaters until it is just too crowded to use anymore) you leave the buffer seat between you and the person you sit next to. I, personally, believe all movie theater seats should be spaced about 4” apart because I’m tired of fighting cranky dads who are being forced to see Desperaux for the arm rest.

I’m just sayin’.

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Only the Half of It said...

Exactly. that theater thing freaks me out. Stalker!