Saturday, March 6, 2010

The coupons are messing with me

I am addicted to Campbell's V8 Butternut Squash soup (really, try it with sunflower seeds, delish!). I am also a coupon shopper. I just LOVE that moment when I get the new total after the coupons have been deducted and yes, I realize that they are probably over-pricing things just so they can get me to buy them by "discounting" them with coupons but I don't care because I just love seeing a $101 grocery bill end up at $84.21. LOVE it!

I found a "Save $1.00 when you buy two" coupon for the squash soup so I bought two and they disappeared pretty quickly but, luckily, when I bought those two cartons of soup I was also handed a freshly-printed coupon with my bill that said "Save $1.50 when you buy three."

Yesterday I went to Kroger and bought those three cartons of soup (yes, I do go through it quickly, thank you for noticing) and a new coupon printed out for me that said "Save $2.00 when you buy four" and now I'm pretty sure that Campbell's and/or Kroger is just messing with me and trying to see how many cartons of squash soup they can get me to buy at once and Campbell's and/or Kroger I accept your challenge. At least until summer, when "soup season" is over.

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evawebdiva said...

Yes, Butternut Squash soup....the new crack cocaine. :)