Thursday, March 11, 2010

What are you looking at?

I have spent the last few months secretly believing that my new moisturizer is kick ass and that 45 is the new 35 on me because everywhere I go guys are looking at me. I know it sounds vain and at first I thought I was imagining it, but then it kept happening and for a while I got really paranoid and then I went through a Do-I-Have-Something-On-My-Face-Or-What? phase before I decided I was just working it but then, waiting in line at airport security on Tuesday morning, I finally added 1 + 1 + 1 and got 3.

1. I am the host/interviewer in the Belle Tire commercials on TV.

2. Belle Tire advertises pretty much constantly during sporting events on TV.

3. Men watch sporting events on TV.

Yes, it finally dawned on me that these guys weren't checking me out or thinking I'm hot... they're just wondering why the hell I look so familiar.

Yes. I do feel foolish. Thanks for asking.


Rene Bellis said...

LOL! Stacey, I'm sure the guys who stare are you DO think you're hot! Know why? If a guy can connect a woman to a car in any way, trust me, he will. Example: Women in "car guy" magazines. What guy could resist a blonde in a Tire commercial?? I rest my case...

Momzombie said...

I can relate. Generally when this happens to me -- and I get all silly on the inside -- I realize I have poppy seeds in my teeth.

Russ said...

I take full responsibility! :)