Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A run-on sentence about a walk

I'm a little more tired than usual lately, (here's a hint as to why); which would explain the napping, the whining, and what happened while on a walk today.

I discovered, right before heading out, that my iPod (which had PLENTY of battery power that last time I used it which may or may not have been the last time I exercised which may or may not have been Saturday....oops) had no charge so I headed out to walk with no entertainment. I was going to call my friend Camille but I was already wheezing like crazy and I was worried she might think she was getting a dirty prank call so I just walked and I kept hearing this tinging/clanging-like sound and it kinda sounded like a dog tag clanging against a dog collar and it was totally keeping pace with me and I didn't want to turn around (although I don't know why not because I'm not afraid of dogs and it most likely would have just been one of my neighbors) so I started walking a little faster and the tinging/clanging got faster too and then I was practically in a full on run, like a being-chased-by-ghosts-or-bad-guys run, and the tinging/clanging is still keeping pace with me and I'm thinking WTH???? and then I realize that the tinging/clanging sound is the sound of my zipper pull hitting the zipper on my cheap hoodie.

Perhaps I need another nap.

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