Thursday, April 1, 2010

But I'm going back tomorrow....

So, this morning at work I broke a pretty expensive computer program from across the room. I was filling in for Randy Bhirdo on WWJ TV and, when he trained me, Randy was pretty insistent that I turn off the program and restart it once an hour and I was getting ready to go live for my last traffic segment of the hour and was actually thinking to myself "Don't forget to shut down and restart that program right after this" when the director said into my ear "Your computer isn't working." I freaked out and ran over and managed to get it restarted (crisis averted; for now) only to have it crash on me EVERY time I tried to save something, but I kept shutting it down and starting it back up like I"m supposed to except the last time I shut it down it REFUSED to start back up and kept giving me a FATAL ERROR message. Really?! FATAL?! Isn't that being a little dramatic, computer program?

When I left the building there was an IT guy and an engineer and they both had pretty grim looks on their faces and all I can say is that computer program had BETTER look out because I would not want those guys to be mad at me.

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