Sunday, April 11, 2010

People who steal from schools

All day I've wanted to sit down and write about that group that charged the Detroit Public Schools millions of dollars to teach the DPS employees how to live healthier lives and then took the money and went shopping and traveling and got manicures and basically did everything except teach the DPS employees how to live healthier lives or even live healthier lives themselves.

But I ended up with quite a full day - a radio shift, writing for one of my part-time jobs, a long, necessary talk with my son, fixing the printer, folding laundry, and a walk because I've eaten nothing but carbs for a week and I'm pretty sure that by Tuesday at noon none of my clothes will fit any longer - and I haven't had time to sit down and write and now it's time for bed because 4:15 is just a few hours away, but I'm still STUMPED and MAD and in DISBELIEF that something like this could even happen.

How does something like this even happen?

Who steal from kids? Who steals from kids that are already suffering? Who steals from kids who come to school without coats or breakfast? How the hell do you convince yourself that the Louis Vuitton bag you are carrying isn't a computer that could be helping several kids develop necessary skills? And even if you have no conscience of your own to keep you from acting like such a major A$$HOLE, how do you do all of this without thinking you are going to get caught?

OK, I've vented and now I can go to bed. Thanks for your patience.

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