Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I saw you playing without me, where's my lawyer!

While I was dealing with yet another computer virus - this one in the computer I keep all my "work" in, therefore also dealing with the fact that I am behind in my "work" since yesterday afternoon when I sat down at the computer and it started spewing virusized gibberish - all fricking day today (because nothing EVER gets fixed right the first time even though I do LOVE Michael from Ronin Tech. with all my heart and have already recommended him to several friends dealing with the same virus AND continuously fed his adorable daughter Oreos while he was working on my computer), I couldn't help but keep checking back on my true Distraction and Obsession of the day: The Geoffrey Fieger Hurt Locker Lawsuit.*

I was really bummed this morning when the stories were all short and vague and "Geoffrey Fieger is going to file later today" without any details because I am all about the details and I finally got my computer fixed and got the details this evening and they are just as disappointing as I feared.

These are the details: Some Dude feels left out and wants money now that the movie has been nominated for some Academy Awards.

And I GET it, really, I do. This guy, Master Sgt. Jeffrey Sarver, hung out with the reporter who wrote the story that appeared in Playboy and eventually wrote the screenplay for the movie. This writer, who did nothing but listen and take notes, could win a frickin Academy Award and Sarver served our country doing really dangerous work and is getting nothing but a "Hey, thanks!"

But, really.....Sarver admits "I'm feeling just a little bit hurt, a little bit left out." And he probably was. They probably should have called him up and asked him to participate in the movie. But they didn't have to. And you don't deserve millions of dollars because someone doesn't ask you to do something. Where does this lead? "Debbie really should have been asked to pledge Kappa Alpha Theta. She went to all the Rush dinners." "Joey really should have been asked to play Red Rover Red Rover,*** he was ON the playground." Are we really going to start suing someone every time we feel left out? Because I haven't been able to make my last few Book Club meetings and they went on and met without me.....

*I intended to ™ the phrase "Geoffrey Fieger Hurt Locker Lawsuit" because that is how it appears in my mind and because that is how it should be said but then realized that Geoffrey Fieger is a lawyer and doesn't know me and therefore doesn't know how VERY much I respect him and think he is a great guy and admire a lot of work that he's done and I really don't need to be getting a knock on the door only to hear "Stacey DuFord? You've been served!"**

**Though, really, if Geoffrey Fieger noticed my blog that would kinda be like hitting the big time, doncha think?

***I realize kids probably don't play Red Rover Red Rover anymore but I like the alliteration.


Middle Aged Woman said...

The decent thing to do would have been to hire the guy as a film consultant. Prudent, too. Now they have a lawsuit. Unless of course, they are just garnering more publicity for the DVD release. Hmmm.

Stacey said...

I agree, but suing someone for not doing the decent thing eventually leads to suing someone for using the wrong fork.

Anonymous said...

Either way you're forked!!

evawebdiva said...

Hi Stacey...I like your blog but I have to comment on the being left out part of this post. I don't quite understand how not being able to attend your book club meeting, your choice, equals not being allowed to be part of the retelling of a story YOU lived. I don't get that.

Gosh re-reading my comment sounds so intrusive on your life. Please don't take it that way. I don't know you and here I am spouting at the fingers. Sorry. Hope it's okay. :)

Stacey said...

Evawebdiva -

Spout away! But you bring up a really good his story even his? He works for the military. I'm sure it wasn't his choice to have the reporter embedded with him, he was told. The reporter turned his observations into a story. I'm sure many many men and women in the military were able to relate to the story, and even feel like it represented them....but they knew it didn't.

Say, for some reason, my son's school has a reporter there who eventually turns his story into a movie. Can I/should I sue the filmmakers because my kid wasn't asked to consult? Even if there is a character who is eerily like my son? I would say no, my son did no invite him there to observe "his" story - the reporter was put there by the system to observe all the stories and write them in a way so that people who weren't there can understand what it was like to be there.

I do feel bad for this guy.