Sunday, November 9, 2008

Make your kid shut up!

I’m going to just come out and say it and I don’t care if it makes me look like a bad person but there is nothing more annoying than a know-it-all teenager.

I realize that most teenagers think they know everything, and they certainly know so much more than their parents…and their teachers…and everyone else. And I also realize that most of them aren’t smart enough to keep their mouths shut about how they know everything. But there is one child in my daughter’s circle who is about to be black-balled. She never stops talking and she knows EVERYTHING! I'm not just talking about facts and information; she knows everything about me, my family, our schedule, my plans, how I feel about things, etc. In fact, the only thing she DOESN'T know is how freakin' annoying she is.

I can take a certain amount of non-stop gab and put up with a decent amount of stupidity, but when YOUR child starts answering questions that other adults ask ME, you had better get her out of my line of fire. Especially since she is not smart enough to shut up when I tell her I can answer for myself and CORRECTS WHAT I SAY!

Yes, I know, you think I have no patience and hate other people’s children. I offer this up as an example. (And remember, I did not harm the child although I wanted to and this was just ONE converstion out of hundreds where she did exactly the same thing.)

Other Adult: Stacey, did you make this? What is it?

Annoying Child: It’s spinach dip. It has parmesan cheese and…

Me: Actually it’s artichoke dip.

Annoying Child: Well, it’s called a lot of different things.

What jury would convict me?


Tracy Donohue said...

Feel free to quote Squidward (sp?) from Sponge Bob, "Shut your half-wit pie hole!"

Anonymous said...

Teenagers like to think they know everything.let them, one day they'll go to far and fall on their face.