Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quandary: Parent-Teacher Conference

It is 32 degrees outside, but instead of spending the afternoon in my warm bed writing or curled up on the couch next to a cozy fire reading I will be sitting and waiting in folding chairs, moving over one chair at a time, chatting with other middle school parents that I barely know in order to get five minutes alone with my daughter’s teachers.

Do I really have to go? Her report card is straight A’s (except for the B+ in math and she has the same math teacher as last year) and all her behavior marks are great and I would basically be wasting an entire afternoon in order to hear all the teachers tell me what a joy my daughter is to have in class, even the math teacher who will tell me that she also needs to apply herself just a little bit more.

Been there, heard that. And did I mention that it’s cold?

On the other hand, I don’t want to get a rep as one of those parents that no one ever sees and I already missed curriculum night because it was my turn to drive skating carpool; though my husband went so we were represented.

And I told you it’s cold, right?

And wouldn’t I be taking up time that could be better used by the parent of a kid who’s not doing so well? Wouldn’t it be selfish of me to show up just to have my parental ego stroked about what a wonderful kid I’m raising? Those teachers could be heading for home and their own cozy fires five minutes earlier if I don't go and wouldn't they appreciate THAT even more?

And it’s freezing out there!

Fine. I’m going.


Claire Charlton said...

Smart move, Stacey. Studies show that teachers are kinder to students whose parents make the effort! Get yourself an Eggnog Latte on the way home for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

OK, coming from a middle school teacher's point of view, stay home and read/write by the fire.

As much as we love having your (well-behaved, academically strong) child in class, we are happy to have those five extra minutes for that one parent we DO need to see or at least a run to the restroom :) I totally appreciate a quick email from parents like you who "check in" to make sure all is well. You will probably get a quick email back saying something like, "I wish I could clone your little cutie."

If there was a "real" problem or issue, we would have contacted you already.

But, did I go to hear the wonderful things about my 11th grader on the one night "off" i had between doing my own conferences. Of course I did.

I hope you were glad you went!


Only the Half of It said...

Soooo..... what fabulous things did the teachers say about the girl this time? Any surprises?