Friday, August 29, 2008

David Duchovny are you Punking us?

Those darn AOL headlines. Sometimes they are nothing but a big tease, but they are great for procrastinators like me so when I saw

Actor, 48, in Rehab for Sex Addiction

Wants Privacy for Actress Wife, 2 Kids

I just had to click on it.

I was totally prepared NOT to be surprised; I think we can all immediately list at least five actors we’d expect to be the subject of this story (Charlie Sheen) and then list many many more whose names would not surprise us (Jeremy Piven - sorry, Jeremy I have no idea why); but when David Duchovny’s face popped up on my screen my first reaction was “What?!?”

I could have guessed all day and his name STILL would not have come up.

And that is why I think we’re being Punk’d.

He’s been married to Tea Leoni since 1997; they are rarely in the tabloids, and he is known for his sense of humor. My mind immediately goes back to the Larry Sanders show where David played himself – as if he had a man-crush on Larry.

Though if today’s headline is true, that’s looking a little creepy now.

But I refuse to believe it. He plays a sex-obsessed character on Californication and I think/hope that this is a big publicity stunt for the fall season.

Or Ashton Kutcher and his trucker hat are going to pop up on my AOL screen at any minute.

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