Sunday, August 24, 2008

Law & Order:CI Marathon

You had me at Vincent D'Onofrio.

His crazy head tilting, that goofy extra-large black portfolio he's constantly consulting, his partner who didn't care for him at first but now totally trusts him, and the way he's always getting into trouble yet always manages to solve the crime. Heaven. Then you had to bring in Chris Noth.

How am I supposed to choose?

Goren can talk crazy with anyone; he's crazier than most of the people he interviews.

But Logan, well ... he's Big.

Goren is so Sherlock Holmes; the smallest detail or reaction can help him solve the crime.

Logan was on the original Law & Order; we go way back.

Goren knows that freakiest trivia about the strangest things.

"Ever been in love?" "Absofuckinglutely."

And even though I know how nearly every episode ends I can't stop watching. Goren and Logan are both so addicting. USA and Bravo, you CI-marathon-running fiends, it's a gorgeous day and I'd like to go outside! Turn it off. (And stop tormenting me about the season finale tonight you knife-twister! I know it's almost over. I know Big ... I mean Logan is leaving! Why must you torment me so?)

TWO HOURS LATER (that, btw, is a Sponge Bob episode reference)

Of course I'm still watching. Thank God I cleaned the house and got my daughter off to skating before I got caught in this web of a marathon. I have not showered and am pretty sure I still smell like Windex with Vinegar (fave new cleaning product!) And I've started to realize just how many CI episodes feature some sort of evil mentor/protege/new (more talented) protege triangle with either the mentor killing the old protege, the old protege killing the new protege, or the mentor AND the old protege killing the new protege to steal her ideas because they don't have any.

Maybe it's just me, but if you can figure out how to commit a crime and not get caught except by the most brilliant of Detectives then maybe you do have another book in you after all.

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Anonymous said...

Our gorgeous Vincent is coming back to LOCI. Yay, I love Bobby Goren!