Monday, August 25, 2008

Mayor "Decides" to Stay Away From Big Party

This was the headline in the paper this morning - though the quotes are mine. Because really, Kwame, you decided to stay away? This was totally your choice? You actually sat down with a few trusted advisers (who aren't also being indicted for something) and talked it over and made the wise and rational decision that your presence at the Democratic National Convention might be a bit of a distraction?

I find this hard to believe because what it looks like from here is a totally typical high school situation where you were busted for driving your dad's car and your mom said you are grounded until the end of the month and the month isn't over and you want to go to a party and your mom usually is pretty lenient but you have a feeling that THIS TIME if you ask permission to go to a party while you are supposedly grounded your mom's head is going to pop off and you will be told NO! in no uncertain terms and maybe even confined to your room for the weekend with no TV and no video games.

Only in this situation your mom is ANY DETROIT JUDGE.

And your mom probably never grounded you, did she?

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