Monday, October 20, 2008

PLEASE stop sighing!

My daughter has a friend who is a sigher.

Whenever I see her and say "Hi Stephanie, how are you?" (yes, I should have learned by now) this is the response I get.



I get that she's 13 and probably has some issues but I've known the girl since she was nine and she's had angst since then, and probably longer. Seriously, what is so BAD about the life of a pre-teen from the suburbs? Even becoming a full-fledged teenager couldn't have been that traumatic. Especially today with the ridiculous high baby-sitting pay scale and suburban-parent indulgence. I've never seen this child denied anything.

I SO want to ask her "What the hell is wrong?" but I'm afraid of the answer I'll get. I'm afraid the vapidity level will be so high that it will suck the oxygen from the room we're in and result in everyone passing out. I'm afraid she'll say "Oh, I don't know" and I'll be unable to stop myself from saying something sarcastic and then she'll tell her mother who will all the other mothers and then I'll be the Neighborhood Pariah.


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