Thursday, October 2, 2008

The pot and the kettle

Priests in Hamtramck are urging voters to vote down an ordinance that includes legal protection for homosexuals so the community can “bring up children according to God’s law” and “Keep it the way it was from the beginning.”

There are SO many things wrong with this and I’m just glad I don’t live in Hamtramck because I would feel the need to hold a homosexual rally on my front lawn and A) I don’t know that many homosexuals and B) haven’t been to the grocery store lately and might run out of punch (or whatever it is that you drink at rallies).

In an effort at fairness and to put it in perspective I googled “scandal priest children” and got 2,030,000 results. When I googled “scandal homosexual children” I got 1,330,000 (just over half) and on the first five pages alone the word Priest was in EVERY SINGLE RESULT!

One of the Priests was quoted as saying that the ordinance, which gives new rights that would protect homosexual and lesbian behavior, expression and attire “goes against the rights of straight people” which makes me believe that he clearly has no idea how the law really works or that he believes that straight people have the “right” to never have to see homosexual behavior, expression or attire.

And if they really want to keep it the way it was from the beginning – well, wasn’t early Greece about the most experimental, bi-sexual civilization around?

That’s it. I’m off to Hamtramck in my rainbow t-shirt and if I get arrested will someone bail me out?

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Only the Half of It said...

As it was in the beginning: Wasn't there a lot of intermarriage? Sister to brother even? Ick.