Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Birthday Day

And here's what really happened....

Eat cake for breakfast (it's a tradition) √
Read the paper and find that I've won the Mega Millions Lottery ($12 Million!!) - I did match the powerball and win $2!
Go to the gym (so I can eat more cake) √
Try and get dressed only to discover that I've lost weight and my clothes are waaaay too big - Hmmm, afraid not
Got to Target and Costco (this Target WILL have Berry Berry Kix dammit!) √
Eat Berry Berry Kix for lunch - Could have, but found frozen Crab Rangoons and had those instead, yummy!
Eat more cake √
Get a manicure - No time
Take a nap (without smudging fresh nails) √
Preside over harmonious and peaceful and loving after school/homework session - not quite
Get a call from agent - publisher wants my book! - no calls
Get call from agency - movie role audition that I am perfect for! - still no calls
Get some checks in the mail (to tide me over until I collect my lotto winnings) √
Take my family to dinner - Husband took me to dinner
Eat more cake - Couldn't eat any more cake, sad I know
Read on my new Kindle while drinking champagne - And now I'm here

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