Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday plans

This is how I plan to celebrate my birthday.

Eat cake for breakfast (it's a tradition)
Read the paper and find that I've won the Mega Millions Lottery ($12 Million!!)
Go to the gym (so I can eat more cake)
Try and get dressed only to discover that I've lost weight and my clothes are waaaay too big
Got to Target and Costco (this Target WILL have Berry Berry Kix dammit!)
Eat Berry Berry Kix for lunch
Eat more cake
Get a manicure
Take a nap (without smudging fresh nails)
Preside over harmonious and peaceful and loving after school/homework session
Get a call from agent - publisher wants my book!
Get call from agency - movie role audition that I am perfect for!
Get some checks in the mail (to tide me over until I collect my lotto winnings)
Take my family to dinner
Eat more cake
Read on my new Kindle while drinking champagne

Check back tomorrow to see how the day really went down.

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