Friday, March 27, 2009

The trouble with toffee

I made toffee a little bit ago. I know, right?! I got a craving yesterday - my sister makes this fabulous toffee but she doesn't live close enough for me to just demand she make it for me so I can run over and get it. And, she's kinda busy. So I search my house for her recipe but I don't have it and she's at work and doesn't have it there, so the toffee didn't happen yesterday.

It almost didn't happen today either. I have been negligent in my grocery shopping responsibilities and my cupboards and fridge are pretty low and I used the last of the butter making waffles this morning. But the lure of the toffee was SO STRONG (ok, and we have nothing for dinner tonight) that I made a grocery run and came home and made toffee.

It is now sitting on the sun porch cooling.

And there's the problem.

Toffee is not one of those things that you can look forward to for days, make, and then eat right away. Even though it technically is "done" I still can't eat it. You kinda have to predict that you are going to crave toffee and then make it so you have a few hours to let it cool completely and you're not wandering out to the sun porch every 5 minutes to see if the chocolate looks a little less glisteny.

Or you have to have it on hand at all times. Which may be my new plan.

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Only the Half of It said...

Curious to hear what your recipe is. I make a smashing toffee each year around Christmas. Rather time consumer. And I use a candy thermometer. Now I have a craving, too!