Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My car is drunk-dialing people

I've spent the last few weeks trying to catch up with the technology that I own. I can now Twitter and update my Facebook page from my cell phone. But I can't email pictures. I also spent most of Saturday morning using the second cord that I ordered to hook my cell phone up to my laptop. Then yesterday I used the half-hour of free time while Son was in his guitar lesson to hook my cell phone up to Sync in my car.

Before I continue, a little background: Last year a friend and I co-wrote a play and I finally connected with a woman (I'll call her Patty) who produces shows like the one we wrote and we are going to meet for coffee. We were going to meet today but she called my cell yesterday afternoon because she had a meeting come up so we rescheduled for Friday. We were trying to figure out where to meet and I said "Um, I'm kind of craving blueberry pancakes from the Original Pancake House. Maybe we could meet there!"

So, a few hours later while I'm hooking up my phone I somehow end up hitting "Yes" to "Redial Last Call Received" and next thing I know, my car is calling Patty! I don't want to just hang up, I'm sure my number will show up on her Caller ID, so I sit there helplessly while her phone rings. I get her voicemail and say,

"Hi, Patty. It's Stacey. And I know we just talked a little while ago and I demanded pancakes and I'm not really calling to change anything but I'm hooking up my phone to my car and, well, my car called you. I'm sorry. I'm very very sorry."

I will totally not be surprised if she A) cancels or B) just doesn't show on Friday.

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